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                Our honor

                Suman plasma technology is a graduate enterprise workstation established by Jiangsu Provincial Department of education in 2015. After three years of operation, the graduate workstation has achieved fruitful results, was accepted by the Department of education with excellent results, and was rated as an excellent graduate workstation by Jiangsu Provincial Department of education in 2019. (2019/03/08)

                From October 12 to 14, 2018, the 2018 National Academic Conference on "high voltage and discharge plasma" was held in Nanjing. The conference was hosted by the plasma and Application Professional Committee of China Electrotechnical Society, organized by the school of electrical engineering and control science of Nanjing University of technology and Jiangsu Key Laboratory of transmission and distribution equipment technology of Hehai University, and the National Key Laboratory of plasma dynamics of Air Force Engineering University It is co organized by the Key Laboratory of Electronic Physics and devices of the Ministry of education of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Nanjing Suman Plasma Technology Co., Ltd. More than 650 experts and scholars from more than 150 domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, journals and magazines and business circles attended the meeting. (2018/10/15)

                In August 2017, it was recognized as a "specialized and special new" enterprise (August 23, 2017)

                In May 2016, it was rated as "double soft enterprise" by Jiangsu Province (May 30, 2016)

                In November 2015, corona Lab. of Suman company was approved as "Nanjing low temperature plasma engineering technology research center" (2015 / 11 / 28)

                In October 2015, Suman was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise (2015 / 010 / 08)

                In August 2015, Suman was recognized as a graduate workstation (2015 / 08 / 08)

                From May 2014 to January 2015, Suman became a doctoral and master's practice base and industry university research cooperation base of Tsinghua University, Dalian University of technology, North China Electric Power University, Tianjin University, Shanghai Donghua University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing University of technology, Nanjing Forestry University and other universities. (2015/01/08)

                In December 2014, the "key technology of low temperature plasma modification and application of biomass materials in agriculture and forestry" jointly developed by Suman company and Nanjing Forestry University won the second prize of scientific and technological invention of the Ministry of education in 2014. (2014/12/08)

                In March 2014, Suman's products obtained EU CE certification. (2014/02/08)

                In March 2014, Suman obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification. (2014/02/08)

                On March 18, 2014, Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau organized relevant experts to accept the Nanjing Science and technology plan project large flow wide spectrum catalytic low temperature plasma industrial waste gas treatment device (Project No.: 2012 chuangji 035) undertaken by Nanjing Suman Plasma Technology Co., Ltd. The data of the innovation project are complete and standardized, and meet the acceptance requirements. Through the research of "pulse saturation driving technology", this project solves the problem of multi DBD electrode parallel single power supply driving and uniform discharge. The large-scale industrial application of DBD low-temperature plasma in the treatment of industrial waste gas is possible. The research of the project shows that the technology of large flow and wide spectrum catalytic low-temperature plasma industrial waste gas treatment device has reached the leading level in China, and has played an important role in China's atmospheric governance and air purification. (2014/03/18)

                In 2014, the general manager of Suman company won the honorary title of "science and technology entrepreneur". Suman company has become a leading high-tech enterprise with international vision and continuous innovation ability, core independent intellectual property rights and technical achievements in the field of low-temperature plasma technology and atmospheric governance and environmental protection. This honor is a full affirmation of the research results of the R & D team of Suman company in the field of low temperature plasma technology and atmospheric environmental protection technology. (2014/02/08)

                The project of "large flow, wide spectrum and low temperature plasma industrial waste gas treatment system" of Suman company was strictly reviewed and demonstrated by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province and the Ministry of science and technology, and was approved by the national innovation fund in 2013. Suman's "large flow and wide spectrum low-temperature plasma industrial waste gas treatment system" technology has reached the international leading level, broke through the technical bottleneck of low-temperature plasma in industrial waste gas treatment, and reached the advanced level of advanced technology, applicable equipment, safety and reliability, wide treatment spectrum and various series. (2013/09/19)

                The "large flow low temperature plasma industrial waste gas treatment system" project of Suman company was strictly reviewed and demonstrated by environmental protection experts and plasma experts of Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau, and was approved by Nanjing innovation fund in 2012. (2012/06/18)

                Nanjing Suman Plasma Technology Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province. (2012/03/28)

                Low temperature plasma technology and products of Nanjing Suman Plasma Technology Co., Ltd. are selected for the 2012 Jiangning District Science and technology development plan project. (2012/03/18)

                The general manager of Suman company was selected into the "ten thousand plan" of Jiangning District in 2010, becoming a high-level entrepreneurial and innovative talent in Jiangning District, Nanjing, and a leader in the field of low-temperature plasma technology in Jiangning District. (2011/05/20)

                Nanjing Suman plasma technology park was started on October 18, 2010 and completed in August 2011. It is a famous enterprise in low-temperature plasma technology in China. (2010/10/01)

                The headquarters of Suman company has been moved to No. 3, youyihe Road, Baixia District, Nanjing on June 1, 2010. (2010/06/01)

                Nanjing Suman Plasma Technology Co., Ltd. prepared by Suman (Corona laboratory) in Nanjing Jiangning Binjiang Economic Development Zone (address: the intersection of Xiyan road and Yinian Road) has completed the company registration on April 15, 2010. It will invest 150 million yuan to build Suman low temperature plasma Industrial Park within two years. Suman company is one of the ten key projects of Binjiang economic and Technological Development Zone in 2010. (2010/04/15)

                Suman company (Corona laboratory) will move to No. 3, youyihe Road, Baixia District, Nanjing on June 1, 2010. At that time, the company's area will expand to 5200 square meters. (2010/02/23)

                Corona laboratory further improved the software and hardware of various uwg series ultrasonic power supplies in August 2009, enriching the varieties of uwg series ultrasonic power supplies. Because the digital intelligent ultrasonic power supply has the ability to detect, analyze and judge various parameters and transducer state, the transducer can work in the best matching state. The most direct performance is that even if the transducer works continuously under the limit power, the transducer will not heat and the power device of the power supply will not heat. Therefore, the working efficiency of intelligent ultrasonic power supply is very high. (2009/12/25)

                Corona laboratory launched a new generation of corona film surface treatment equipment, CG series digital corona processor, in March 2009. CG series digital corona processor adopts new power conversion technology and circuit topology, and its efficiency is higher than that of any type of corona processor in China. CG series digital corona processor adopts load isolation technology, which will not damage the host even if the medium voltage is short circuited. Once the medium voltage of other corona processors is short circuited, the host will be damaged immediately. The split CTE series was discontinued in January 2010. (2009/06/23)

                Corona laboratory launched a new generation of plasma film surface treatment equipment in August 2008. PG series digital low temperature plasma atmospheric glow discharge film treatment system is a new series of film treatment equipment developed by Suman company in 2008. The residual electronic atmospheric glow discharge technology with independent intellectual property rights of Suman company is adopted in the equipment, so that the form of plasma discharge changes from filamentous discharge to glow uniform discharge. The surface treatment of the material can obtain high surface tension without any influence on the properties of the material. (2008/09/10)

                Corona laboratory launched a low temperature plasma discharge electret in August 2008. It can greatly improve the gas filtration efficiency of the material, so that the product has the characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency and high dust holding capacity. (2008/09/5)

                Corona laboratory launched the low temperature plasma industrial waste gas treatment system in May 2007. Low temperature plasma industrial waste gas treatment system has: 1. Simple process: low temperature plasma equipment, simple and convenient operation There is no need for special personnel to take care of it. In case of failure, it will stop automatically and give an alarm. 2. Energy saving: low temperature plasma treatment of flue gas has low energy consumption and low operation cost. 3. Wide application range: it can operate normally in the environment of - 60 ℃ ~ + 300 ℃, especially in the environment of humidity and even air humidity saturation. 4. Long service life of the equipment: the equipment is composed of stainless steel, quartz, molybdenum and other materials, with strong oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance in acid gas. 5. Strong combination: low temperature plasma treatment equipment can be used in parallel and hybrid applications. (2007/07/2)

                Corona laboratory launched a low-temperature plasma conductive plastic and polymer material preparation machine in June 2006. (2006/07/25)

                In October 2005, corona laboratory completed the research of low-temperature plasma experimental power supply, which can be applied to the scientific research in the physical, chemical, material, biological, environmental protection and other technical fields of low-temperature plasma in universities and scientific research institutes. It has been put into production in batch, and the model is ctp-2000k. (2005/09/25)

                In July 2005, corona laboratory has been moved to the 7th floor of Tongyu building, No. 41 Tangzi street, Nanjing, Tel: 025-86592871025-86592881, fax: 025-86592891, postcode: 210004 (2005 / 07 / 21)

                In July 2005, corona laboratory completed the research on intelligent ultrasonic power supply and launched uwg series intelligent ultrasonic power supply. (2005/07/11)

                On June 8, 2005, the board of directors of corona laboratory decided to invest 4.6 million yuan in corona laboratory this year, including 3.5 million yuan for environmental transformation of the laboratory and 1.1 million yuan for new product development and equipment and instrument renewal. (2005/06/8)

                In April 2005, corona laboratory completed the research on subatmospheric glow discharge, and developed HPD series subatmospheric glow discharge treatment series products with subatmospheric glow discharge technology. (2005/04/10)

                In August 2004, corona laboratory completed the research on the treatment equipment of wide pair jet low-temperature plasma torch. The treatment width can reach 8cm and the model is ctd-2000f. (2004/08/30)

                Corona laboratory completed the research of jet atmospheric low temperature plasma in June 2004. The energy of ions and electrons can reach 6-8ev. The low-temperature plasma torch is neutral. The diameter of the low-temperature plasma torch is about 10mm and the length is about 30mm. It is especially suitable for dealing with two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects of various polymer and metal materials in small areas. Such as: pipes, wires, cables, code spraying parts of various products, car lights, horn edges, needles, syringes, etc. The model is ctd-1000z, pts-2000. (2004/06/25)

                In December 2003, corona laboratory completed the research project of RF cool plasms treatment technology. Its energy can reach 10-15 electron volts. The surface tension of the treated polymer material is generally more than 70 dyne / cm, and the model is rfd-200. (2004/03/15)

                The software and hardware of CTE series digital electronic impact machine will be fully upgraded from September 25, 2003. The old CTE products will be discontinued, and the newly upgraded product models will add suffix K (such as cte-1200k, cte-2000k, cte-6000k, etc.) on the basis of the original product models (2004 / 02 / 05).

                Corona laboratory launched the low temperature plasma cleaning equipment for metal surface on September 5, 2003, which solved the problems of bonding and bonding defects between metal materials and polymer spraying materials. (2003/08/05)

                Corona laboratory launched an inductive low-temperature plasma processor for refrigerator cover on August 28, 2003, which solves the problem that it is difficult to combine polyurethane insulation foaming agent with high-pressure polypropylene. (2003/08/28)

                Corona laboratory was moved to Room 201, No. 15, neijinlunyuan, No. 120, Jiqing Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on August 24, 2003. (2003/08/24)

                Due to SARS, the relocation of corona laboratory to No. 15, jinlunyuan, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province will be postponed until August 2003 (the new site is under decoration). (2003/06/22)

                On May 10, 2003, the board of directors of corona laboratory decided to invest 600000 yuan in corona laboratory this year, including 200000 yuan for environmental transformation of the laboratory and 400000 yuan for new product development and equipment and instrument renewal. (2003/05/19)

                The software and hardware of ZW series intelligent electronic impact machine will be fully upgraded in May 2003. The power part will use IGBT, and the control and signal processing part will use MCU. Larger power margin and more reliable performance; It has the function of fault self diagnosis and display. In case of failure of the discharge rack, AC power supply and fan, after multiple tests, the machine will be completely shut down and the cause of the failure will be indicated through the LED. When there is no AC220V, the high voltage output of the equipment will have no induced voltage output. Moreover, the equipment can be upgraded to remote control equipment when needed. The model of new ZW series products is zw-xxxxa (such as zw-1200a, zw-2400a and zw-3600a). The old model will be discontinued, but the after-sales service will be carried out as usual. (2003/04/14)

                The original relocation time of corona laboratory will be moved to No. 15, jinlunyuan, Qinhuai District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province from May to June 2003. (2003/04/09)

                With the increasing research on the application of low-temperature plasma in Colleges and universities and research institutes, corona laboratory will design and produce low-temperature plasma treatment production or experimental equipment for colleges and universities and research institutes for surface polymerization, surface grafting and surface modification of various powder, particle and sheet materials. (2002/06/12)

                In 2002, corona laboratory completed the development of CTD series jet high-frequency low-temperature plasma three-dimensional curved surface processor in advance, so that the output low-temperature plasma flow has a stable output under various required powers (0.5 ~ 3KW). (2002 / 05 / 20)

                Due to the needs of Nanjing municipal construction, corona laboratory will be relocated to No. 57, Dongsheng Village, Nanhu community, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in March 2002 and to No. 15, jinlunyuan, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in August 2003. At that time, the area of corona laboratory will be expanded to 250 square meters. The development of products will include corona technology, low-temperature plasma technology and electrostatic elimination technology Induction heating technology. (2002 / 03 / 01)

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